RoR Graz sind momentan nicht aktiv.

 „Wir“ sind geschrumpft (und nicht mehr in spielfähiger Mindestgröße).


Nach wie vor gibts die Trommeln, aber keinen Proberaum oder regelmäßige Probezeiten.

Ideologisch nahestehende Initiativen unterstützen wir nach Möglichkeit gern weiterhin mit knowhow und hardware.


rorgraz ät

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Rhythms of Resistance

We are a transnational anti-hierarchical anti-capitalist, anti-sexist and anti-racist network fighting for social and ecological justice.

We are activists using samba as a form of political action.

We use tactical frivolity, inspired by carnival to confront and criticize any system of domination.

We also directly support everybody experiencing or struggling against exploitation, discrimination and oppression, without compromising our principles.

We reject any false opposition between militancy and creative forms of resistance.

Even if we are different bands operating in a decentralized fashion, we aim to maximise participation in our collective process.

We are an open network to any people who share our principle.

Come with us! We have everything to play for!

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